Effective:  March 20, 2020


Lazy Lakes RV Resort - Soft opening procedures

Office:  Guest reservations will still be taken via phone & emailed to guests accordingly.  Park map/guideline will be attached showing the guest their site. ALL transaction will be done via credit card, debit cards etc.  No cash at this time.  Concerns text me at 734-244-3930 with your lot number & concern.

Respect for each other:   While on Lazy Lakes Property we require all guest, tenants to wear masks accordingly at all times. Social distancing and washing your hands accordingly.  This will help us stay open, and protect each other from spreading this terrible virus.

Security:  Daily drive thru will be done by management & local police department.

Reservations:  To our guest, we thank you for your support & coming to visit us. At this time as you are well aware this is our “Soft Opening”. You must show your reservation paperwork when you arrive.  With this being said, we are all well aware of wearing “masks” & “social distancing”.  So in order for us to make this happen we are expecting all guest to do their part.  Please be courteous to each other. No direct TV service will be given at this time please utilize the free internet services closest to your site number.   Password is located on your reservation receipt.   3) TV are located in the clubhouse for your convenience. 

Tenants:  We will continue as we have been.

Ice machine: will be out of order during this pandemic.

Laundry Facilities:  Laundry area will be open, use social distancing. $1.50 for wash and/or dry.  If there is a problem with a washer or dryer machine please call 305-745-1079 for assistance.

Mail:  we do not recommend you forward your mail to our park at this time.  If you can receive your mail via electronic for credit card statements etc.  Otherwise, mail is picked up on Wednesday afternoons between 4 & 5 pm.  (Terry or Mike)

Pets: Yes, we are pet Friendly Park.  Please treat the park grounds as if it was your back yard.  Pick up after your pets.  We greatly appreciate, this is why it is possible for them to be with you also.


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